Friday, February 6, 2009

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reviews of Zachary German

Stiflingly desperate...
-Daryl the Blacksmith

A strike-out!
-Daryl Strawberry

It's like he can't think of anything new, so he just plagiarizes, or does nothing
-The New York Times

(Takes a dump)
-Local Dog

Monday, September 15, 2008

shooting 3's, isn't very hard work

hard working men and women of america, and even the world because this applied to you Bruno Sundov, recently one ewick montwos, as he calls himself, originally named eric montross, of the boston celetics, interviewed one ttb. (two-timing-bitch), and i'm hear to say you're gona hear a lota stuff about ewick montwos. a lota "facts" and "numbers" are going to be thrown around,

most of you can see through it, but i'm hear first, to try to keep ewick montwos from getting to your children who, if brought up right, will work hard, I'M HEAR TO PROTECT THE FUTURE, I'M HEAR TO PROTECT YOU, KIDS!, from a three-point-pushin'-out-side-passin'-assist-leading-hack like montwos from telling your kids it's OK to just shoot three, and hit only 20% of them instead of driving HARD down court, through the defense and dunking a hard won two points on your opponents head!

let's look at some stats:

rookie season:

field goal percentage: EM: .534 D .648
free throw % EM .635 D .785
assists EM 36 D 64
steels EM 29 D 58
blocks EM 61 D 109
RBI's EM 0 D 104

how can you back a man who doesn't even have a single RBI?

and i have it here, proof, that eric montross have NEVER taken a 3 in a game

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dating D

so i invited catherine lacey to my blog tonight for a date tonight

i'm kinda nervous, i'm getting things ready, trying to looks nice, just got my welding mask back from the polishers, and i blacksmithed her something nice, some flowers

wish me luck on my blog-date!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

bear sightings

this is DTB (Daryl the blacksmith), the, here

and i'm here to tell you I, and the rest of hard working men and woman in america are on strike, and no not none of that bitch ass picketing strike,

on a rip-raoring-enviormental-river-dumping-toxic-waste-economic-train-wreck-strike.

the golden bear, back? now the D doesn't know how to feel, but he is asking the golden bear if he will take paw in hand with welding glove, and together we can turn those purple mountains magisty into glowing mountains of radioactive decay.

golen bear, i take the risk of extending my hard working hand, will you help me dump the oil drum of america's independence into the river of mystic myth?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


if you can't get a job, make one, start an employment agency, then find yourself some work

metal work, i'm your man, physics, i'm your man, dashing good looks, that too, writing?

bore parade:

mike bushenll
kendra gran malone
sam pink
andrew boye
thegoldenbear (...thegoldenbear)
Joe lindsay

all moderately employed individuals